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A brief repose…

The VandeGraph will return to a normal publishing schedule once my graduate work is completed in September.

Thanks for your continued interest!

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A note on Joe Paterno…

24 January 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been a difficult year for Penn State.  Campus is filled with heavy hearts this week as we mourn the passing of an icon in Joe Paterno.  Though his last months we’re marred by quagmire, his legacy will remain one of greatness. Note: this is not an opinion piece on the Sandusky scandal, just a perspective on a man.

I’ve been a student at Penn State for almost 3 years now and during that time I’ve come to understand some things about Joe Paterno.  Joe Pa was a leader, through and through.  He was a man of dedication, loyalty, and honor.  He instilled these values not only in football players, but in every student who proudly represents this university.  He was, and is, held in such high regard here not because he was the winningest coach in football history, but because he was a leader of this university. He represented everything that a Penn Stater could hope to become. He showed us how to be better, how to transcend whatever it is we’re doing and contribute to the bigger picture. For 61 years  he gave his all to Penn State. As an outsider it’s easy to view our idolization of Joe Paterno as overblown, but as an insider it’s impossible.  He believed in this place more than I believe in anything. He passed as a tenured faculty of one of the biggest universities in the world. I think it’s completely appropriate that we remember him as an educator because he leaves us with a wealth of lessons; he taught us how to be bigger than ourselves.

He was a champion. He was a champion of football, but more importantly he was a champion of this university.  When we remember Joe Paterno it’s helpful to bear this in mind: It’s not the football stadium that bears his family name, it’s the library.

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