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Climate Deniers Eat Their Own

Anthony Watts, doubt monger extraordinaire, has come out hard against ongoing research that preliminarily verifies the accuracy and statistical significance of climate change.  No surprise there.  Equally unsurprising is how quickly he turned against the study when he had previously stated he was “prepared to accept whatever result they (the researchers) produce, even if it proves my premise wrong.” Well the results so far are showing Watts’ premise wrong, yet here he is contesting the results.

The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project began in 2007 as an unbiased, independent study to examine the entire global temperature record. They developed methods designed to address several issues that had been raised by skeptics.  Though officially an “non-political, non-partisan” group, climate deniers had reason to believe the results would fall in their favor. Along with addressing some of the issues raised by skeptics, the BEST team was also lead by one of their own, Dr. Robert Muller. Muller, PhD in particle physics, has been highly critical of climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann.  In addition to be lead by a climate skeptic, the BEST team also relied on dubious funding sources.  The Charles G. Koch (1/2 of the Koch Brothers) Charitable Foundation donated $150,000 (24% of the total BEST funding).

With all this, Anthony Watts had good reason to support such a study. He made several statements in favor of this study including an approval of the methods: “I’ve seen some of the methodology, and I’m pleased to say that their design handles many of the issues skeptics have raised”.  Even anti-smoking/ozone/everything-there-is-to-be-opposed skeptic Fred Singer lent his support to the BEST Project.

So why was Watts so upset with the preliminary results that Muller delivered during his testimony to the House Committee of Science, Space and Technology on 31 March 2011?  Because he reported the results of the science.  And the science once again says, “We are seeing substantial global warming” and “None of the effects raised by the [skeptics] is going to have anything more than a marginal effect on the amount of global warming.”

But that’s not what deniers want/need to here.   So, they are forced to attack even the most conservative of the climate scientists.  Instead of objectively analyzing the data, they have to attack data that don’t agree with their predetermined outcomes.  Even when the climate deniers approve the methods, approve the data, and approve the scientist, they are still unwilling to accept the results.  This blatant suspension of objectivity further shows the climate deniers hand, which appears to be getting weaker everyday.  Even so, the deniers don’t appear to be folding soon.


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