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Earth: The Operators’ Manual

In this hour long program, Glaciologist and Noble Laureate Richard Alley presents the current state of climate science and options for alternative paths forward.  In traditional Richard Alley style, he presents a clear, level-headed, stimulating summary of the scientific facts.  He explores the deeply interconnected issues of energy dependence, economics, and climate change in highly accessible terms.  His source by source explanation of the current energy alternatives and their viability for meeting global energy demands is comprehensive and inspiring.  In the current state of climate debate it’s easy to become disheartened, but here is a laundry list of many reasons to be optimistic about humans ability to moderate their actions and move forward as mature patrons of the planet.

Richard Alley is one of the world’s premier scientific communicators, reminiscent of Sagan in his desire to show people the workings of worlds.